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New parents sleep!

Sleep deprivation when you have a newborn baby is inevitable. For quite some time, newborns need to feed around every couple of hours. This means that parents sleep is broken at best. Although sleep deprivation is highly predictable in the postpartum period, I didn’t really get information as to how to best manage it. I was told “sleep when your baby sleeps” and that was it.

This article from the New York Times gives some pointers. I would add that sometimes the only solution to get some sleep back is for someone else to take over.

Call in someone who can do 2 or 3 nights for you. Your helper would sleep in the same room as your baby whilst you sleep elsewhere and try to bank as many hours of sleep as possible. If you breastfeed exclusively or mix feed, your helper would do everything except the actual feed. They would wake when baby cries, do the nappy change, the winding and put baby back to sleep. You would only do the actual feed and hand baby over as soon as she’s finished. If you exclusively formula feed, your helper would do everything, including the feed.

The key to better sleep when you have a new baby

Preparing for baby? Organise a meal train!

What is a meal train?  

It is the idea of rallying together to temporarily support someone by bringing them meals at home. In my view, it is an ideal gift for new parents. The first few months after birth are labour intensive and removing meal preparations out of the day can be a huge help. 

You could ask a close relative or friend to set it up and manage it for you. The digital platform makes it easy to plan who is volunteering and when. It might be particularly useful if your baby comes early or if your own preparations don’t prove to be enough.

Find out more in this article:


Thank you

This is a post to thank all the organisations and websites who helped me gather information to write Preparing to give birth for the first time.

All the references and links I mention in the book can be found here.

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